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Who we are

Who We Are?

Our sustainable Houseboat-Yacht is anchored in a beautiful cove on Lake Travis, TX, with a mission to provide a unique boating experience and inspire people to live more sustainably.

What We Do?

We’re experienced in hosting team building & corporate events, wedding proposals, bachelorette parties and small wedding services, birthday parties, honeymoons, romantic getaways, and much more.

Our Vision

We envision a community of configurable Houseboat-Yachts, suited for hosting private gatherings as well as large events.

Luxury Sustainable Floating Resorts & Communities

Our Core Values



Wellness on NaturaReserve Houseboat Yacht


Adventure on Lake Travis


young people on NaturaReserve Sustainable Houseboat-Yacht

Our Clients

Our clients are multi-generational – everyone from Boomers to Gen Z – from a relatively high-income bracket, and committed to sustainable living.

family fishing

Our Amenities Embody Experiential Wellness and Sustainability

birdwatching on a canoe
Health & Healthy Food on a houseboat
Health & Healthy Food
Paddle Boarding Lake Travis
Solar Panels on Houseboat - sustainable living on the water

Purchasable Amenities

Product Placement Opportunities on NaturaReserve platforms

450 000 Impressions | 36 months

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Partnership Offering

Houseboat-Yacht Nestled in a Lake Travis Cove

Platinium Partner

  • Impressions
  • Strategic Product Placement
  • Customized event
  • The concierge mentions your brand/product on tours & product showcase
Peloton on Board of NaturaReserve Houseboat-Yacht

Gold Partner

  • Impressions
  • Strategic Product Placement

Silver Partner

  • Impressions via airbnb, vrbo,, social media, etc.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Product Positioning & Placement: the opportunity to place your product in our Houseboat-Yacht for all clients to see and use
  • Create new prospects via NaturaReserve customers
  • Functions as an excellent employee and customer incentive
  • Hands-on real-world research for product testing and development
Amenity partners benefits

Ready to promote through the NaturaReserve platform and our Houseboat-Yacht showroom space?