Resysta Technology

A natural fiber compound ahead of its time

Sustainable economic efficiency in conformity with aesthetics and nature

Products made of Resysta have the look and feel of natural tropical wood. Nevertheless, they can achieve significantly more than the rain forest original: they are absolutely water-resistant, weather-proof, and UV-resistant, do not crack, and are 100% recyclable. Due to the numerous possibilities of processing, there is a wide variety of products that can be produced – weather-resistant decking, outdoor furniture, and facades. 

A better product for a better world!

Resysta had many years of development time. The result is a material with many advantages in comparison to commercial materials and more importantly – not even a single tree has to be cut down! That does not only benefit the rain forest as our „green lungs“, it could save the inhabitants as their home is not endangered.

Resysta 2
Resysta 5


Resysta consists of approximately 60% of a food industry waste product – rice husk.

Resysta 6


Everything originating from Resysta – the waste at assembling, sanding dust, sawdust, or residues can be recycled. It is shredded and reintroduced to the production process. Because of that, the raw materials used for production are in use for an incredibly long time. This is how the products “made of Resysta“ become extremely sustainable.


  • No absorbing of water
  • Flaking of the color or sealing does not occur
  • Resysta glazes and sealer perfectly adhere to the surface
  • No graying and fading of the surface
  • Very low maintenance
  • High screw-withdrawal-resistance
  • Durability category 1 against fungal decay
  • Wide color range
  • Very high skid resistance
  • Barely visible changes in color, even after many years
  • Low expansion coefficient

Resysta Products

Ship Building

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Resysta 15

Fence and Blinds

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Resysta 10

UPB Boards

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Design Objects

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Resysta 19