Remote Jobs


Onsite Work in Nature on the Water

What we offer:

Work with us and activate your restful, “Blue Mind” state of mind.

Working on the water provides the means to get outside of daily routines, allowing our brains to reset. Being on a boat promotes physiological and psychological changes spanning health and wellness, awe and wonder, creativity and play, happiness and relaxation.

Part of our team works onsite with our Houseboat-Yachts. Key benefits are:

  • Live and work in nature close to the water
  • Meet new people
  • Learn new skills
  • Experience new lifestyle of sustainable living

Remote Workforce

We are a remote team working and collaborating from all over the world. With us, you can work from anywhere under flexible working hours with no daily commute time or costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Career Advancement

As a growing company, we take pride in working with people who want to grow and develop along with us. There is always room for advancement and potential to capitalize on new opportunities within NaturaReserve.

Training and Support

We provide training and extensive support to make sure you can be as successful as possible as a team member at NaturaReserve.

Work with People from All Around the World

You will be working with a talented international team. Expand your network, meet new people and experience new cultures on a daily basis.

Houseboat-Yacht Concierge

The concierge will be responsible to network with the guests during their event, taking videos and photos of guests using a camera phone and drone, post videos, and photos on social media, encouraging guests to connect to NaturaReserve social media so they can be tagged to the photos/videos, ask guests if they would be interested in visiting again for future events and taking contact info for follow up.

The concierge can become a part of our remote marketing team and work on site 3-6 months a year, and in some cases working and living on a boat on Lake Travis.


*Concierge will be responsible for shuttle service, check-ins, check-outs, and assisting guests during their stay on the Houseboat-Yacht.

*He/She should be willing to learn to drive a small boat – cruiser, and pontoon.

*Concierge provides a 30-minute check-in tour of the Houseboat-Yacht and check-out guests at the end of their stay in addition to shuttling guests on a small boat to and from the Houseboat-Yacht.

*During daytime events, he/she should always be at the Houseboat-Yacht and assist guests.

*Make sure that guests are comfortable and are having a good time. Take photos and videos using our drone.

*Coordinate and assist cleaners in preparing the Houseboat-Yacht for guests and be in immaculate condition.

*Be available 24/7 for guest calls in case guests have questions and/or need assistance.

*Taking care of the Social Media Experience with boats and maintenance tasks is a plus but not required. Environmental and Wellness interests are a plus.