Invest in a NaturaReserve Waterbased Glamping Floating & Eco Resort

We are an Austin Texas based startup pivoting to a new model which is focused on Glamping and Floating Eco Resorts.

NaturaReserve is a one-of-a-kind waterbased resort, that includes both land based and floating structures equipped with exclusive amenities in nature and on the water which can host both daytime events and overnight stays


We created a new category of innovative Houseboat-Yachts as floating structures combined together with luxury glamping tents as land based structures.

We are launching our first resort on Lake Travis. Invest in NaturaReserve Resort Lake Travis LLC!


NaturaReserve Floating Eco Resorts

NaturaReserve Floating Eco Resorts

Events Capacity

Events Space

Glamping Structures

Glamping Structures

The Looper

The Looper

The Looper: Images

The Looper

The Urchin

The Urchin

The Urchin Images

The Hive

The Hive

The Hive: Structure

The Hive (2)

The Seedpod: Plan

The Seedpod: Plan

The Seedpod Images

The Seedpod Images

Floating Structures

NaturaReserve Floating Structures

HBY BlueMind Project

BlueMind Houseboat-Yachts

BlueMind Pod

BlueMind Pod

BlueMind Pod: View from Above

BlueMind Pod Above

BlueMind Pod: Plan

BlueMind Pod Plan


BlueMind-30: View From Above

BlueMind-30: Plan



BlueMind-60: View From Above

BlueMind-60: Plan

BM HBY: Co-Working Space Design

Co-Working Space Design

Co-Working Space Design: View from above

Co-Working Space Design - above

Co-Working Space Design: Plan

Co-Working Space Design (2)

Building & Transportation

HBY: Factory Production


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NaturaReserve Resort Lake Travis LLC

Breakthrough Opportunity

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The Problem

The Solution


NaturaReserve: Development

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Business Model

Business Model

Features & Benefits BlueMind HBY's

Why Now?

Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams

Go-To Market Strategy


Financial Projections

Ecosystem & Competition

Ecosystem & Competition



Marketplace for Nature-Based Properties







Nature-Centric Resorts

Sustainable Resorts


Our Team

admiral inmann
Admiral Bob Inman

Bob Inman has invested in over 50 startups including Dell and Oracle and was a board member during their IPO. He served on the boards of SBC Communications, Xerox, SAIC, Fluor, and Temple Inland. A 4 star Admiral, he was Director of: Naval Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. He was Chairman and CEO of the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) in Austin, Texas, Chairman and CEO of Westmark Systems, Inc., served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, serves as a trustee of the American Assembly and the California Institute of Technology and is an elected Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.

dave berkus
Dave Berkus

Dave Berkus has a well-established track record in operations, venture investing and corporate board service, both public and private. As an entrepreneur, he has formed, managed and sold successful businesses in the entertainment and software arenas. As a private equity investor, he has obtained healthy returns from liquidity events in over thirty investments in early-stage ventures. As a corporate mentor and director, he was named “Director of the Year” for his directorship efforts with over 40 companies. He was recognized for those pioneering achievements with his induction into the Hospitality (HFTP) “International Hall of Fame” and as “Director of the Year” by the Orange County-based Forum for Corporate Directors, and “Technology Leader of the Year” by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

angelous angelou
Angelous Angelou

Angelos Angelou is the founder and CEO of Angelou Economics an international economic development and site selection firm, and International Accelerator a startup accelerator for foreign born entrepreneurs. Prior to founding AngelouEconomics, he spent nearly 12 years with the Austin Chamber of Commerce as Vice President of Economic Development and Chief Economist. During his time at the chamber, Angelos handled the recruitment of 800 technology companies and some 70,000 employees, including IBM, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, AMD, Cypress Semiconductor, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, and Sematech.

john hazlewood
John Hazlewood | CEO

John Hazlewood launched the first web based flights reservation system in 1995. In 1996 founded an online travel company and its low cost development subsidiary in Sofia Bulgaria. 1998 in parallel with the e-commerce travel initiative started a Y2K Services and IT staffing and grew the company to more than 100 employees. John owned and operated several leisure travel agencies, a sports agency representing professional athletes and teams, a semi-pro soccer team, a lawn maintenance and landscaping company and an import-export business.

Dax Oglesby
Dax Oglesby
Dax Oglesby has over 20 years of experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry and nearly 2 years in Midstream. Dax is experienced in all aspects of landwork with over 6 years experience as a Project Manager for OGM Land Company currently known as Percheron LLC.  Dax has worked in over 70 counties in the State of Texas and other states. Dax is RPL certified and an active member of the AAPL and the APLA and is a Notary for the State of Texas. Dax has also recently become a licensed REALTOR with the State of Texas and serves on the Board of Directors with the Liberty Hill, TX Chamber of Commerce. 
mike whittington
Mike Whittington

Mike is the founder and Principal Consultant of Sabine Systems, LLC, an executive consulting company specializing in digital transformation, IoT, and sales and marketing technology. Mike has been the founder and CEO of Myriad Development Inc. (acquired by CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX)) for 22 years.

As a strategic and entrepreneurial technology leader, Mike has extensive experience bringing emerging technology and innovative software solutions to mainstream organizations. During his career, Mike has served as a trusted advisor, leading product market positioning to maximize enterprise value.

eileen keller
Eileen Keller

Social Physicist and Media Investment Strategist with an empathetic heart centered in a casing of imagination. Eileen has been the visionary force in presidential campaigns, global advertising campaigns, internet strategies, and creating reality platforms. Eileen is a past president of the Austin Advertising Federation.

yurii dzuiba
Yurii Dziuba

Yurii Dziuba has a well-established track record in operations and strategic projects delivery, related to construction and consulting on sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Having top-management experience in one of the largest financial Groups in Europe he has big financial background in banking sector and experience of managing teams, operations and cross-functional processes transformations. As the environmentalist he was recognized for sustainable development and renewable energy promotion campaigns and planting more than 60 000 trees as carbon offset in Ukraine and worldwide.

Milestones & Achievements

Milestones & Achievements

Investment Offering

Investment Offering


Our Mission

Our Mission

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