Water Purification

Clean water is the elixir of life

Your health is invaluable

Drink filtered water with peace-of-mind knowing that the filter is removing harmful chemicals and contaminants while maintaining beneficial minerals and nutrients.

Benefits of having filtered water: instant drinking water, washing your fruits or veggies, adding clean water to your recipe, filling up the pets’ water bowls, watering house plants, making toxin-free baby formula, or coffee or tea.

There are companies that provide a 3-stage system for water purification which is much more simple than you would assume. With just a wrench (maybe two) and about 10 minutes of your time, you can have toxin-free water just by turning on your faucet.

The filters last anywhere from 9-15 months depending on usage and can be changed in under a minute by simply unscrewing the old ones and screwing in the new ones (the system has a one-way valve that closes when it senses the filters being replaced – keeps everything dry without having to turn off your water supply).

Water purifying filter

Almost half of Americans who drink tap water at home say they filter or boil it first. So another option for clean water is a Water Filter Pitcher.

Drinking Water
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Water pitcher