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The Sustainable Houseboat-Yacht

Need an awe-inspiring collaboration space for your employees? A place, where you can boost their morale, creativity, emotional intelligence, and engagement? Why don’t reward your employees with all the emotional, behavioral, and psychological benefits of being near water, and while participating in activities like boating on Lake Travis Sustainable Houseboat-Yacht?

Multiple studies have uncovered the truth as to why we are attracted by water – the mere sight and sound of water promotes wellness by lowering cortisol, increasing serotonin, and inducing relaxation.

Research shows Americans are taking less vacation, and nearly 80% report feeling stressed in their day. This decline in mental health is not conducive to business growth and productivity.

Blue Mind author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols finds that being on, in, or near the water brings vast cognitive, psychological, and social health benefits.


One of the best ways to achieve a “Blue Mind” is on a houseboat.

Working with a laptop on  a boat

Boating resets the brain

Water relaxes, restores & helps us reconnect, which increases our capacity for improvement. Blue waterfront has almost no distractions other than nature so our brains can rest and rejuvenate.

Boating is awe-inspiring

Awe & wonder change our bodies and minds for the better, which increases productivity.

Boating induces creativity

Feel-good hormones reduce stress & water-related activities spark creativity. Being near the water activates the creative portions of our brain – the elements of

  • Daydreaming
  • Imagination
  • Insight
  • Introspection

Also known as the “Blue Mind,” this unique mindset is best achieved when our brains are semi-focused on the sounds and images of the water.

Boating enhances connections and relationships

It’s not unusual for co-workers to have a sense of awe when they look out to open water. This sense of awe can naturally translate into a greater sense of connection to something else.

Ever wonder how Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group had started his career? In his blog post, Branson shares that his first home was a houseboat named “ the Duende” and this was one of the top five places he has worked most creatively.

Richard Branson at age 28, in front of his houseboat
Mirrorpix | Getty Images

Richard Branson a visionary and early adopter started working remotely from home back in the 1970s. His home was a houseboat in London where he had his team meetings instead of having them in a stuffy corporate office meeting room. Richards’s inspiration and creativity to launch multiple successful businesses came to him while working from his houseboat on the water.

Richard Branson working with his team on a houseboat
Branson meets with his executive team in his houseboat in 1985.
Terence Spencer | Camera Press | Retna

Ready to Reward your best employees with “work on the water” days?

NaturaReserve Houseboat-Yacht nestled in a Lake Travis cove is the right place for this. Bring your team, bring your laptops, and prepare for a creativity-boosting work day on the water.

STAND OUT as an EMPLOYER and provide one of a kind treat for your workers, designed to boost morale, creativity & engagement.

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