The Online Global Marketplace For Water Centric Properties

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Imagine an Online Global Marketplace for Luxury Water Centric Properties

(Now fill each of them with the best amenities possible.)

(Austin, Texas) It is called NaturaReserve, and it is creating great big waves in the hospitality industry.  This niche online resource for short-term rentals incorporates global luxury waterfront property locations, plus it acts as a real-world showroom for some of our planet’s most prestigious wellness amenities.

“We wanted to bring wellness and sustainability to the short-term rental market in a most remarkable way,” said Founder, John Hazlewood.

Since he built his first successful online resource, sharingXchange, a global turnkey, short-term rental property management solution that distributes listings to the main platforms as well as providing a 24/7 customer support reservation department for hosts and their guests, Hazlewood has turned his interest to a greater cause.

“Prior to the pandemic, we were talking with two of our key advisors, Admiral Inman and Dave Berkus, who combined have invested in over 200 startups, about creating a niche within the wellness- hospitality- immersive showroom worlds.  Then when the pandemic hit the suggestion was to focus on vessels as they both served in the US Navy the idea seemed a good fit. With inspiration from our elder statesmen, NaturaReserve’s evolution was the result of focusing our efforts through creating a company to inspire people to live better.  We want to build a pathway for creating a global wellness-focused community and I feel we have found it.”

NaturaReserve is currently accepting listings and amenity partnerships for consideration.  Go to to find out more.

For more information contact:

Eileen Keller


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